River Hook

The Hester Haring Cason Preserve


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River Hook: the Hester Haring Cason Preserve sits on land that was one of the original "river to ridge" farms comprising what would become the Village of Upper Nyack. 

Over time, James L. Smith’s parcel (which nestled up to Hook Mountain on its north side) was subdivided and, in 1934, a portion of the property was purchased by William P. Haring, Jr., Hester’s father. William built a large, gracious brick home over the foundation of an earlier farmhouse. His only child, Hester, grew up on River Hook and lived her life there. For years, it was known by residents as the “sheep farm” to reflect Hester’s beloved flock. 

In 2018, the Village of Upper Nyack purchased the 12-acre property, which had fallen into disrepair, thereby ensuring River Hook’s future as a serene, iconic sanctuary for generations to come.

What’s happening now...

In 2020, a group of local residents started the non-profit Friends of River Hook, Inc. to support the development of River Hook with private funds. Their website - with a design vision for the future of River Hook, can be found at www.riverhook.org

To be informed about upcoming activities and volunteer opportunities, Click on E-Alerts on the Upper Nyack website Homepage, then check the box for River Hook under News & Announcements.