Exceptions to Sound Law for Utility, School, and Municipal Employees

Local Law #6 of 2021: A Local Law regulating Sound within the Village of Upper Nyack (formerly titled the NOISE LAW OF THE VILLAGE OF UPPER NYACK) was passed by at the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 17, 2021. 

Exceptions: The following shall not be subject to the limitations and restrictions of Section 4C of Local Law #6 of 2021:

a) The use of Regulated Devices by municipal and school contractors or employees while in the performance of their regular duties beyond 100 feet from the Property line of a Property improved with a residence.

b) The use of Regulated Devices by utility companies, municipal and school employees or Property owners and/or their subcontractors while performing Emergency Repairs. Emergency Repairs conducted outside of the timeframe for Sound producing activities as set forth in this Section 4C shall be to the minimum extent necessary to abate the emergency situation and secure the Property, and all additional work to remediate and correct the condition shall be completed in accordance with the limitations of this Section 4C.