Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upper Nyack Like?

Surrounded to the North and West by stunning wooded hills, Upper Nyack is primarily a residential community with houses ranging from modest homes to impressive mansions. There are 700+ homes in Upper Nyack and a population of around 2000.

When are Annual Taxes Due?

January: State, County and Local (Clarkstown)        

June: Village (Village)

September: School Taxes (Clarkstown)

  • Village Assessor / Tax Collector (845) 358-0084
  • Clarkstown Assessor (845) 639-2031

What is the Village Policy on Snow Removal?

  • During heavy snowfall, please move all cars off the street to facilitate snow removal. Your car may be plowed in otherwise!
  • Shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow ceases. It’s the law! (Ordinance 1.5 Snow & Ice to be Cleared from Sidewalks)
  • Snow cannot be shoveled or plowed into the street from your property.
  • If there is ice on the sidewalk that cannot be removed, you must spread some sand or other material on the sidewalk.

Mechanics of a Public Hearing

Public Hearing is held to hear testimony on a proposed law, regulation or application that is subject to review by the Board of Trustees, Planning Board, Architectural Review Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. Notice of the hearing must be published in the local newspaper (The Journal News) and posted at the Village Hall, specifying the location and time of the public hearing.

At the hearing, the Clerk or Chair reads the public hearing notice. The public is then invited to comment on the proposal or application. When all who wish to speak have spoken, the meeting is closed to further public comment and the meeting continues. The Board will discuss the proposal or application and, if it wishes, some or all of the public comments. It may move to vote on the proposal, to amend and vote on it, or to postpone action to a later date. Land use boards can close the public hearing and approve the application or vote to continue the public hearing.

Board of Trustees only: A quorum (at least three members) must vote in favor if the proposal is to pass or become law. Once a vote is taken and an item is passed it must go to the State Records & Law Bureau for final approval and filing. Any future changes to the law requires amendment through the above process.

When will my recycling get picked up?

Every Monday except on Major Holidays. If your recycling is not picked up, please call Village Hall, (845) 358-0084. For questions about recycling, call the Town of Clarkstown Environmental Department at (845) 639-2111. The Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority at http://www.rocklandrecycles.com

When is the Annual Village Election?

The Annual Village Election takes place on the 3rd Tuesday in March. Officials that are elected to office include the positions for Mayor (two year term), Trustees (2 year term) and Village Justice (four year term). Elections are held in the village hall meeting room 12 noon until 9 pm on that day.

Information on offices to be filled, how to file petitions, nominations or how to register to vote are available in the village hall office. To be eligible to vote, you must register with the Rockland County Board of Elections. Check with the Village Clerk for registration deadlines to be eligible to vote in the Village Election.

What is the Annual Organizational Meeting and when is it held?

The Annual Organizational Meeting of the Village of Upper Nyack Board of Trustees is held the first Monday in April. The Mayor is responsible for making annual appointments which are then ratified by the Board of Trustees. The Board also passes miscellaneous resolutions designating time and place of meetings, official publications used and where official notices are posted, pay for additional workers for the village and DPW, designated depositories for village funds and signatories for those accounts, designation of the Board of Trustees as the Assessing Review Board and the Chairperson of that Board.

Is there public transportation in Upper Nyack?

There are two bus routes that run through Upper Nyack – the 9A local and the 9W express to Manhattan. Both routes are local going North to New City. Coach USA runs these routes.

How can I get to the Hudson River?

Our public river access is at Nyack Beach State Park. This park offers a delightful footpath that skirts the river beneath the cliffs of Hook Mountain and connects with Rockland Lake State Park. The path then continues all the way to Haverstraw. There is no public boat launch in Upper Nyack.