What's up with the tarps? Native Meadow Restoration on River Hook

Tarps being laid by John Colgan and Alison Crowther

You may have seen black tarps covering a section of the hill below the big brick house on River Hook. They are part of a native meadow restoration pilot project to plant species that support our pollinators, birds and wildlife. A 2-part booklet that describes the project in detail are below.

The black tarps are a way to kill invasive species and their seeds without the use of herbicides. The tarps were upcycled from old advertising billboard vinyls, which were bought at very low cost. They will remain on the ground until October, when they will be removed and a mix of native grasses and wildflower seeds will be sown.  

If the pilot is a success and the invasive plants are dead under the tarps in the Fall, we will reuse the tarps on another area next year. Each section will take three years to establish. Once established, a native meadow is low maintenance and very beautiful.