The Assessor is responsible for determining assessments and exemption eligibility for Village tax purposes. The Village works cooperatively with the Town of Clarkstown Assessor’s office to maintain a record of the physical characteristics (i.e. building style, year built, size, condition, etc.) for every property within the Village. This information is updated whenever there is a physical change or an error discovered in our existing records. The Assessor also administers Village exemptions. Basic information on the most common exemptions will be outlined below. The STAR exemption is not administered by the Village - for more information, please contact the Town of Clarkstown. In addition, it is the duty of the Assessor to provide for an annual grievance period where property owners can contest the assessed value of their property for Village purposes. While the Village and Town Assessors work closely to minimize taxpayer confusion, the two assessment rolls are separate and distinct. School, County, Town and most special district taxes as well as exemptions that apply to these taxes are the responsibility of the Town of Clarkstown. Each jurisdiction also holds their own separate grievance period.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Cathy L. Conklin, FIAO Village of Upper Nyack Assessor