The "All Together Now" Community Chorus is Seeking New Members

Musical notes

The Nyack "All Together Now" Chorus is an all-inclusive community chorus.

Accepting everyone regardless of whether they can sing or read music, they sing for the joy of singing!

"All Together Now" is a "Rock and Roll" chorus singing contemporary songs that people (of a certain age) relate to, can tap a toe to or even just hum along.

The chorus is a democracy as far as choosing what to sing. It is their hope to bring our songs to public places, community centers, senior residences, schools, fairs, etc.

Let's entertain and lift people's spirits with the sound of collective voice ! 

"All Together Now" is not only looking for new members, but for someone to 'direct' the chorus, musically speaking. 

Rehearsals will be held at the Old Stone Meeting House.

For more information about joining the chorus, contact Carol Galione -

Note: All Together Now is not sponsored by the Village of Upper Nyack and opinions expressed by the chorus do not necessarily reflect the views of the Village of Upper Nyack Board of Trustees.