Field trip to Innisfree Garden, Millbrook, NY - September 15th 9am - 3 pm

Let’s learn how we can run our new Preserve in a sustainable way with a guided Garden Tour of Innisfree Garden (Hudson River Valley Ramble).

Carpools will be organized, once we know who is coming. We will leave Village Hall at 9 am

Join landscape curator, Kate Kerin, for a lively 1.5 hour tour exploring Innisfree, a powerful icon of mid-twentieth century design now recognized as one of the world's ten best gardens. Like the Great American Novel, Innisfree’s story involves love, loss, and overcoming adversity through creativity and innovation. Discuss at the people, the inspirations, and the natural and designed features that make Innisfree such a memorable and moving place. Investigate the innovative and sustainable landscape design and management techniques that are central to Innisfree’s unique aesthetic and astonishing ability to maintain a 185-acre public garden with only a tiny seasonal maintenance staff. Learn simple yet powerful ideas home and professional gardeners can adopt. Tour starts 11am. $15 for the general public.