Comprehensive Plan Committee

A Comprehensive Plan is the set of principles, and of recommended guidelines, intended for informing the Village as it plans for the future. The Plan is meant to recognize current trends and project future needs as a means of preserving and/or creating the kind of Village we the residents want to live in. These future activities of course involve development of property within the Village, but also encompass other land-use needs including infrastructure, transportation, environmental impact mitigation, etc.

The Village of Upper Nyack’s Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 1999; therefore a committee of Upper Nyack residents has been asked to guide the process of updating that Plan to take into account current and future development issues.

The process will involve first gathering community input and ideas concerning development in the Village; then writing a preliminary Plan; soliciting community comment on the written Plan, and revision as necessary; all prior to submission to the Village Board for final approval. Detailed information, schedule of meetings, etc. will be found on this page of the Village website.

You can contact the Comprehensive Plan Committee at

Committee Members

Name Title
Karen A. Tarapata
Kennon Rothchild, III Member
Martin Wortendyke Member
Stephen Lubeck Member
Vincent S. Morgan Member
John Colgan Member
William Pfaff Consultant
Dennis Letson Consultant