IMPORTANT: Phase 1 Reopening- Construction: Safety Plan Required

Before resuming construction activities as part of the Phase 1 Reopening of Rockland County, businesses are required to go online to the New York State Forward website - and take these steps:

  • View the Summary Guidelines for your Industry.
  • Read and Affirm the Detailed Guidelines.
  • Print and Complete the Business Safety Plan.

These affirmations must be submitted to NYS online before you reopen.

The NYS Forward website provides Business Safety Plan templates which must be completed and on file before you reopen. These Safety Plans DO NOT need to be submitted to any New York State Department but must be retained on the premises of your business or on the jobsite and made available in the event on an inspection by the Board of Health.

The Rockland County Department of Economic Development and Tourism is available to answer any specific questions you may have at 845-364-2170 and has information available at the COVID-19 Business Resource page:

Note: According to New York State the lack of an affirmation by a business equals non-compliance. Businesses will have a  reasonable grace period. Non-compliance sanctions will be enforced by law enforcement.